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Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is something that’s being researched and talked about a lot these days in the world of Tech. It’s a crucial area in the field of Computer Science and if researched and developed rightly, it’s reach is such that it can be helpful not only in Tech…

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The End of Google+

Google’s Foray into Social Media with Google+ has come to an end.  And the reasons of it  will definitely not go well with the consumers across the world.

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India’s First Autonomous Retail Store!

Technology is being used and more and more to improve and ease up our daily lives. In this article, we see how it’s being used to improve our shopping experience with a Store which is India’s First autonomous store i.e (Cashier-less Shopping) called Watasale.

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Best Value for Money Smartphone?

Over a Couple of years due to the rapid advancement of technology, the field of smartphones has seen tremendous growth with its variety of options. Now, recently a new smartphone has entered the market which can be called Best Value for Money Smartphone or some may even call it the…

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