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Every day, there is so much happening in the world of technology, with constant innovations. Every day, there is so much innovation in the world of technology. The world has now truly become technologically driven in every field. Whether we’re with our friends and family, at work, or anywhere else, we’re surrounded by digital technology.

And, as technology pervades more areas, there may be a plethora of new areas and stories that go unnoticed by the majority of people, or that, even if they do read it, only a small percentage of people comprehend. NFTs, for instance, are one such area or you can read about interesting and unknown tech stories such as the case of MapMyIndia.

This website began as a personal blog in 2011 was started by Ananya Shashwat and has since evolved into a full-fledged website. It started out as a simple personal blog with no particular niche or heading with a slight inclination towards IT. This blog evolved into the website it is now as time passed and new ideas were implemented.

Our website tries to abide by our most basic rule, which is that all of the content we post is all about tech, but it’s not just Techies. And it’s our tagline also “ It’s all about tech, but not just for Techies“. We try to compile and provide commentary on a variety of unnoticed technological developments, as well as some of our own original content, in a way that anyone can understand.

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The Team

FB_IMG_1607413104997     Ananya Shashwat

    MBA – Global Business (Finance, Entrepreneurship)

    Combining a desire to collect both our thoughts on the world of technology with my love of writing.

    Krishanu Shashwat

    B.Tech CS

    Full Stack Developer

    Combining a passion for development with a desire to collect both our thoughts on the world of technology

Also, we should be clear that the articles here are just our opinions and not the representative of anyone other than our own.



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