Emerging Tech Trends in a Post Covid World!

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The Year 2020 has been quite an unprecedented year. It caused quite a lot of chaos and disruptions around the world. And no one could have predicted what 2020 will bring. But one positive thing that it caused was innovations around the globe. Predictions are a difficult thing and specially in such a Tech-infused world. It can be said that it’s difficult as technology does not become mainstream overnight. It takes time to move up the adoption curve. However, Looking back at the year 2020, few of us could have predicted how drastically our lives would change, and the even greater role that technology would play. In almost every market, technology came to our mutual rescue to a significant degree.

Innovation took off in leaps and bounds in 2020 that may have been caused due to a the chaos that the pandemic brought into the industries. In order to reset and thrive, companies around the world are driving their digital transformation efforts at a rapid pace. So, looking at that information, let’s take a look at some of the technologies that can define the new normal going ahead in a Post Covid world.

  • Innovations & Global Growth in EdTech Industry: The EdTech industry was something was globally rising slowly in a Pre-Covid World with few companies Udemy, Coursera, Byju’s. However, the number of innovations was a normal pace. COVID-19 had forced a worldwide distance learning experiment, launching students, teachers, parents, and school officials into uncharted waters immediately. This led to families and schools, universities needing more EdTech technology succeed in the new normal. It can be said the year 2021 will see the EdTech industry doubling down on the key learnings and bringing in new innovations. The Pandemic has accelerated digital innovation in the Edtech space. And in a post-COVID world, Edtech will be the key to expanding the classroom which will no longer be contained within four walls. It can be said the future of education lies in Blended learning which will be enhancing what technology offers in EdTech and using that to support the students and the teachers in the final delivery. This system of hybrid learning can be seen in the future as a norm in which both in-person and online learning exists together in one model.
  • Greater Role of Internet of Things(IoT) Technologies: IoT is going to play a big role in a Post Covid world. And as IoT intertwines more with AI, it’s going to make lot more impact. In a post-COVID-19 world, IoT technology will undoubtedly be used to ensure workplace and worker/customer welfare, help in remote working arrangements, and it will also help in automation of machineries and also in it’s maintenance. Also, touchless entryways built into badges or tablets, temperature sensors, and AI-assisted adaptations to people’s movements in the workplace will all become more relevant as IoT devices help track safety and health in the workplace.
  • Innovations in Technologies for Hybrid Workplace: According to a report by IDC, 75% of large companies will commit to providing “technical parity” to a workforce that is “hybrid by design rather than by circumstance”. People will work more in a Hybrid model. In this, various people will work from a variety of locations and they will all be connected by technology. Also, in it’s 2021 predictions, IDC have mentioned that working from home will become a new custom and the business that will innovate themselves to embrace this culture will thrive into 2021 and beyond.
  • Innovations in FinTech: The growth in cashless payments has been one of the most significant effects of the pandemic. Across the globe, we are seeing a dramatic rise in various types of new online payment platforms whose businesses are built in the cloud. As more innovations and the adoptions of cashless payments increase, we will begin to see the decrease in need for physical cash in our pockets.
  • Increased Usage and Innovation of AI in various forms: Some feel that AI is something which we will see in future, however the reality is that it’s already a part of our daily lives in some form or another. Due to various advancement in machine learning and as more computing power becomes more affordable and cloud based computing becoming more accessible, we will see companies utilize the power of AI in different ways.

This list is just a prediction and not exactly a forecast. So, it can be right or wrong. But it has been created using the information that has been available in the past year and how it has impacted the world.

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