Google I/O 2019 Developments!

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Google I/O, the annual developer conference of 2019 is gonna be held from May 7- 9 in California. Held annually, in it Google shows us the latest technologies and the various updates and developments it has been doing across the whole Google Eco-system.

As the date is coming closer, there are some trickling down of the details of the  developments and news we can possibly see there.

  • Project Euphonia: Looks like this year Google will be unveiling a new accessibility technology which will be focused on Speech-impaired and will be aimed at giving them “their voice back.” According to the events list for Google IO, there is a mention of Project Euphoria, which is apparently “leveraging Google technologies to give people with speech impairments their voice back”. One of the sessions in Google I/O’s events list is called “Designing for Accessibility,” and is set to be hosted by accessibility advocate Elise Roy and Google scientist and Harvard professor Michael Brenner. So, deduce all these news and there’s a possibility we can see some developments regarding this.
  •  Assistant Integration with Chrome for Android: There’s a possibility that Google may demo this during the keynote. 9to5Google reported new Chromium code change that indicates Google Assistant is headed to Google Chrome on Android. According to the code change, Google will run a demo of what’s called “Autofill Assistant” during its upcoming developer conference. Some pieces of code are even labeled triggerGoogleIOStuff, which lends additional credence to Google showing off the feature during an onstage demo. Whether we will see the feature work is anyone’s guess, though we’ll likely learn more during Google I/O 2019.
  • Google Stadia: There will be an event titled “Stadia Streaming Tech: A Deep Dive,” which should be very most definitely interesting. This event will reveal some new information surrounding Stadia and might be of interest for gamers to check out.

Looks like it’ll be quite an interesting event to follow the developments that Google will be revealing. Also, if you want to check out the exact schedule in full as it currently stands then click here. And as always Google will be live-streaming the event for people to check it out.

Source: [9to5Google][androidauthority]

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