Boom of AI into our Modern Lives

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In today’s world, technology is being developed more and more and various different fields of tech is rising fast. One of the areas is AI. It’s being researched a lot by the different tech giants due to which which we are seeing AI being applied and used in various different applications in our daily lives.

After the AI boom, it’s being used and tinkered with and being used in various different things in very different ways.

  • For e.g: Look at the Self-Driving Google Car, the one which maps the places and roads for google maps. It has lasers on the top which are telling it where it is in terms of the surrounding area. It has radar in the front, which is informing the car the speed and the motion of all the cars around it. And so, it uses all that data to figure out on it’s own not only how to drive the car but also to figure out and predict what potential drivers around the car are going to do. And that’s a lot of data that the car is processing every moment.
  •    Now, look at digital assistants in our Smartphones. When the first Versions of Siri in 2011 or Google now in 2012 were released, they were much pretty much very basic versions. Now, as different tech giants started there research into AI and Machine Learning, we are now seeing much more advanced versions of those assistants. Compare the Google Assistant from today to it’s original version from 2012 and you’ll see massive differences and how far it’s developed. Same kind of developments we see in the other voice assistants also like Amazon’s Alexa. For e.g:, in the recent updates of Google Assistant, all due to the R&D in AI and machine learning, you can now simply screen a call by simply selecting whether to answer a call or having it get answered by your Google Assistant and it’ll talk with that person while you can read the transcript of that conversation as it’s happening and jump in or tell the digital assistant to cancel the call. All these developments have been possible due to the advancements in AI.
  • The image recognition and more specifically facial recognition available via AI can do some amazing things with the photos on your smartphones. The most common feature found on these devices, as well as on social media, is to identify the individual in the picture and recommend tagging them. This functionality can also search for specific people, pets, trips, activities, and even holidays and organize them into groups or categories. They can also be searched by where the photo was taken. Now, with more and more advancements, the photos app on your smartphones can automatically detect which person’s photo has been added to the collection and transfer that photo to that list and not only it can do that that with recent pictures but also whether the photo of that person is from their childhood, still it can recognize whose photo it is.
  •    Automated Calendar Entries is also one of those AI-infused feature that are designed to streamline the process of scheduling appointments and events by analyzing the email and automatically adding them (or suggesting the additions) directly to your calendar — fishing out information regarding flights, appointments, or even restaurant reservations. These apps can also assist in coordinating a meeting by sending multiple suggested times to all the participants until an agreeable time is found. Also, with the digital assistants being so much developed, it can then get you a notification with the reminder of that event like if it’s a flight then it’ll recommend you leave your home  by ‘so and so time’ so that you reach the airport on time and also get you a reminder that you can also do your check-in online or if it’s any other event, it’ll automatically remind you quite early about it with appropriate details related to it.

Artificial intelligence has quickly spread throughout the modern technology, so much so that many people are unaware that the functions they are using are infused with AI. The more R&D is done in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the more it’s gonna be useful and change every industry in the way it uses Technology. We can expect these technologies to provide even greater utility in the years to come.


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