Artificial Intelligence

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is something that’s being researched and talked about a lot these days in the world of Tech. It’s a crucial area in the field of Computer Science and if researched and developed rightly, it’s reach is such that it can be helpful not only in Tech but across many more fields.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the science of training and creating machines that perform and react with human-level intelligence or even attain higher level. This term was invented in the 1950’s when scientists  began exploring how computers could basically solve problems on its own. Basically, AI is like a computer or a machine or machines that are given human like properties like Speech-recognition, Self-Learning, Planning and Problem-Solving.

For e.g: we take for granted how our brains very effortlessly calculate the world around us, every second of every day. So, AI is like a concept that a computer that do the same. Now, whenever you interact with any of your devices using your voice to ask anything whether it’s just to search the web for something or translate a word or anything, the speech interface on the devices are AI. They are incredible if you thing about it. You can be anyone from across the world with any kind of voice or any kind of accent or any particular dialect, as long as there’s data on the internet with that language, these AI systems quickly recognize that and answer anything.

In the field of AI, there are a lot of specializations. One of the most talked about nowadays is Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a very specific subset of AI that trains a machine how to learn. Machine learning models look for any patterns in data and then from that they try to draw conclusions from it like a human would. They are not explicitly programmed by people. You can actually give some examples to the particular system and they are gonna learn what to do from those examples. That’s a huge difference because it’s much easier for us humans to give examples than it is to write a code. Once the algorithm gets really good at drawing the right conclusions, it applies that knowledge to new, different sets of data.

Machine Learning basically allows computers to handle new situations using analysis, self-training, experience and observation. Facebook News feed is a perfect example of it. The News feed is perfectly designed to display user’s friend content. If a user frequently tags or writes on the wall of a particular friend, the news feed automatically observes, does analysis and on it’s own learns of the user’s preferences and changes the news feed to display more content from that friend.

The Field of AI has a lot of different specializations which nowadays are used in a lot of different ways to improve and ease the way we use tech and various aspects related to it.

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