India’s First Autonomous Retail Store!


Technology is being used and more and more to improve and ease up our daily lives. In this article, we see how it’s being used to improve our shopping experience with a Store which is India’s First autonomous store i.e (Cashier-less Shopping) called Watasale.

Credit : Watasale

The Concept of autonomous stores isn’t new with Amazon Go being one of the first to enter into this market and then we are hearing that Jack Ma’s Alibaba is also trying to enter this Field with one of there’s first concept already showcased in China. Now we have an Indian Start up Company ‘Nayasale Retail Pvt. Ltd’ using the same concept and adding there own Technology to open which is India’s 1st autonomous AI-powered Store called Watasale.


The Store Watasale was opened in the city of Kochi, India early this month.  The Store doesn’t feature any cashier or sales person  at the counters. Instead it offers the Shoppers a very unique experience with the help of  some quite advanced tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision and sensor fusion.

Credit: Watasale
Credit: techstory

At the Store, the Shoppers will download the Store app before entering the shop. Then a QR code will be generated on the app which can be used to enter the store by scanning it on the entrance. After that the shoppers can take whatever they want and walkout the store and the appropriate bill will arrive on your phone which can then be paid through your e-wallet.

Credit: The Hindu                                                                             QR Code Scanning

The store ceiling and shelves are laced with sophisticated sensors and closed circuit cameras. The system monitors your every movement. It records what product you have taken and what you put back on the rack.

According to the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer Rajesh Malamal, while the Core concept is the same as the Amazon’s store, Watsale uses its own technology. “We have created the same experience with our own propriety software.” He continues ” We believe that our systems are more economical and scalable in comparison to Amazon’s solution. Everything inside the Watasale store is conceived and developed in-house by our own team. “

Watasale is planning to expand to Bengaluru and Delhi, and the company also plans to open franchisee stores, and as a later step, include farmers by directly purchasing from them and delivering fresh produce to consumers.

All in all it’s quite amazing to see the expansion of this brilliant core concept and with more tech innovations who knows maybe in a few years we will see this type of Shopping Experience in more and more places.

Source:[The Hindu][BloombergQuint]

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