The Future of Shopping!


It’s Called Amazon Go and it can revolutionize the way we buy groceries and even in the future change the way we shop.  Amazon on Jan 22, 2018 opened this store in Seattle.

The Technology inside Amazon’s new Store enables a Shopping experience like no other which includes no Checkout lines.

Amazon’s Store of the Future has been close to 5-6 years in the making and before opening it to the public they did a year of testing among it’s own employees.

The grab-and-go concept features zero cashiers and no waiting in lines to pay. Rather, shoppers download an Amazon Go app on their smartphones and scan it against a turnstile at the store’s entrance. The store then logs the items they’ve left with various cameras and sensors and charges the customer’s Amazon account for the items.


The store’s cameras include infrared sensors, which can measure heat. Each item has a large, camera-friendly code to help the cameras understand which item has been grabbed; the computers combine that information with data from weight sensors installed in every shelf.

With the help of sensors on the shelves, items are added to customers’ Amazon Go account as they pick them up and also it’s deleted  if they put anything back on the shelves. An electronic receipt is issued as they exit.

The Shoppers are free to put any of the sandwiches, salads, drinks and biscuits on the shelves straight into their shopping bags as you won’t be unpacking it again as there’s no check out counter.

Amazon calls this technology “Just walk out”. They won’t how the system works, other than to say it involves sophisticated computer vision and machine learning software; which basically translates to Amazon’s Tech can see and identify every item in the store.

Also, if anyone’s wondering regarding how secure is the system, one Journalist with permission from Amazon, attempted to shoplift some cans of soft drink – but the system spotted it and added them on his bill.

Also, as of writing this post, the store has been opened for around 2 days and the reviews by the customers has been overwhelmingly positive and social media was filled with rave reviews of the store.

So, now the question arises, what’s the future of this and what does amazon plans to do with it? Well, there are many speculations like they can expand these lines of stores to all over the country, or they can expand it to their other Whole Food Stores( which they acquired some time back) or well they can sell the system to other retailers. Whatever happens one thing is clear, Technology is being used more and more to improve and ease the way we live and that’s always very good to see.

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