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Imagine Walking to Your House and it automatically let’s you in thanks to your smart home, which has a facial-recognition camera at the door that matches information with a preregistered list of approved visitors, so as to open the door automatically.

This Stuff is not a Science Fiction Story but rather a reality of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST), 51km southwest of Tokyo, on Kanagawa Prefecture’s Shonan coast. The 60-billion-yen (Dh1.85-billion) development – the first of its kind in the world – is a 120-house-strong town that will expand to 1,000 homes housing 3,000 people when the project is completed by 2018.

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST) is said to eco-friendly and a smart town that was developed by a consortium led by Panasonic Corporation, the Fujisawa SST Council.


There are many cutting edge features in the town which stays true to its word of being a fully smart city. Facial Recognition Camera is one of those features. This town is in the truest sense a virtual-gated town as it has no Physical Fence around the property except a 400m long series of solar panels that are placed in a row in either sides of the entrances.

Also, as you walk down the streets of the town for eg: in the evening the street lamps lit up automatically sensing your movement and also there are Unobtrusive security cameras to monitor the area and ensure the security of the residents.

Now when you enter a house, the list of Tech inside is mind-boggling.  They seriously are smart houses. For eg: Your Kettle will Boil Water on command. If you want to find a recipe for a gourmet dish, you can ask the home’s computer. In seconds, it’ll be projected on to the kitchen counter.

The computer can also check whether the fridge contains all the ingredients, and even flash a message asking if it should place an order at the local shop for a missing ingredient to be delivered, before proceeding to guide you through the process of preparation.

Now, every House has a Washroom know as Smart Washroom. The mirrors in it may look just as normal as any other mirror but infact they are equipped with sensors and monitors,  which quickly displays your  heart rate, weight, BMI, scalp condition and blood pressure readings. It can also tell you the condition of your skin and if any extra attention needed to be paid to any area.

Also, the bed and bedroom are equipped with devices including sensors that analyse your sleep patterns, and checks if you are getting quality sleep and provide the optimum lighting and air conditions to support good sleep.

The Residential Town taps solar energy and in combination with other renewable technology, provides cheaper and green energy.

The town consists of rows of Western-style houses, each with rooftop solar panels. A smart home energy management system controls all the conveniences, plus LED lighting, which dims and brightens in accordance to the sun’s intensity to keep glare to a minimum.

Excess solar power generated by the home can be sold to the town council for extra credits. The town’s goal is to be able to provide for its own energy needs for up to three days in the event of a disaster – a major concern in Japan since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country in March 2011.

A 55in smart TV monitors all the gadgets in the house. But that’s not all they do. The televisions are connected to a community web portal where residents can browse the latest cooking classes at the community centre or watch real-time views from the town’s network of nearly 50 security cameras and can keep track of their children outside their homes.

In Line with the green initiative, there is an emphasis on electric vehicles for residents. But you need not even own a vehicle in Fujisawa SST. You can borrow top-range electric cars including the BMW i3, Tesla, Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, if you want to take a spin outside the town.

Electric bikes are free for residents to use and they can be charged in public areas

Article Update [2020]: Current Update


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