@evleaks Announces Retirement!

Tech Companies around the world will be breathing a huge sigh of relief as Evan Blass-the man behind @evleaks twitter account which is behind countless number of leaks with a very high success rate announced to twitter that he is retiring from leaking stuff.

Evan Blass was formerly a writer for tech blog Engadget. He is behind countless number of leaks in the past two years, revealing devices of many manufacturers, including HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and more. @Evleaks began anonymously, but Blass outed himself last October in an interview with Android Police.

There’s no reason given by the notorious leaker about why he’s retiring, but he’ll be dearly missed by many people.

UPDATE: In an Interview with TNW, Evan Blass has revealed about the reasons behind his decision.


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