Batman: Arkham Origins Announced!

Warner Bros. has announced the next title in the Batman: Arkham franchise will be Batman: Arkham Origins, currently in development for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U which is currently slated for release on October 25 this year.

The Plot of the game so far we know is that the story takes place several years before Batman: Arkham Asylum and revolves around Black Mask putting a bounty on Batman’s head, luring eight of the world’s deadliest assassins to Gotham City on Christmas Eve to kill him, including Deathstroke. It will feature a “young and inexperienced” Batman encountering these foes for the first time, while working with Captain Jim Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department.

The Game is the subject of the next issue of Game Informer magazine.  As can be seen in the image above, one of the assassins Deathstroke will be making his Arkham Game Debut.

Arkham Origins will feature similar gameplay as its predecessors, with WB Montreal free to develop its plot and new feature, with advice from Rocksteady for technical and mechanical elements of the game. The New Development Team will using the same Customised Unreal Engine that Rocksteady has used in the past.



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