Google in talks to acquiring WhatsApp for “Close To” $1 Billion![Update]

WhatsApp, the cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphones, is reportedly rumored to be Google’s next Big Buy.  

According to Sources reportedly close to negotiations have told Digital Trends that Google is looking to acquire the cross-platform popular messaging app and the WhatsApp‘s team is “playing hardball,” holding out for an acquisition price close to $1 billion.

The Idea is that Google is looking to tie up all of its messaging services in a project called Google Babble. It’ll be Google’s Unified Messaging System.

According to‘s “multiple sources,” Google will build Babble into everything from Google+ to Gmail. You’ll be able to share photos in live chats as well as start an Google+ Hangout with anyone in your contacts. Users will see the same type of chat window — with the same features — no matter what Google product they’re using.

Google Babble will officially be unveiled at the Google I/O developer’s conference in May that will take place between May 15 – 17. A source close to the engineers team that is developing Google Babble has confirmed that the new service will come integrated in Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the new version of Google’s mobile operating system that is expected to debut mid-May at Google I/O event. He also said that Google Babble will also be supported by all the Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above terminals.

UPDATE: It would appear that there is no deal on the table between Google and WhatsApp, the news comes from a WhatsApp executive who told All Things D that the company are not in talks with Google on a potential buyout.

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