Green Throttle Arena Turns Android Gaming into Hardcore Experience!

Charles Huang, Guitar Hero co-developer together with Palm’s Matt Crowley have created Green Throttle Games and are looking to transform Android tablets and smartphones into full-scale gaming consoles. They have been developing a new gaming solution called Green Throttle Arena, which has just been launched a few days back.

Green Throttle’s software developer kit (SDK) has been created to enable multiplayer gaming on big screen televisions using the first true analog wireless gaming controller, combined with your Android tablet. The new controller features full analog control sticks and is compatible with Android phones and tablets that include a video-out port.

The Green Throttle Arena app is a multitiered gaming system centred on an Android app, which recently launched on the Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet. Watch the video below to learn more about the Green Throttle Arena application and see it in action.

The Green Throttle Arena app has been created to use existing hardware devices such as smartphones and tablets and offers Android users a central location for finding, buying and playing games. All you have to do is to simply connect your mobile device to your HDTV via a micro HDMI connection and the games within the Green Throttle Arena application will automatically scale to high definition, with no loss in image quality.

Thankfully the new Green Throttle Arena app is not exclusive to the Amazon Store on the Kinde devices, and is available on the Google Play Store, and will start with being compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab devices.

Source:[Green Throttle Games][Venture Beat]



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