Google Nexus 4 Demands 10 More than Google Expected!


Ever Since Google Released the LG Nexus 4, they had trouble keeping up with the demand for their Nexus 4 Smartphone, which is manufactured by LG for Google.

The Handset is still sold out in the Google Play Store.  LG has been trying to shift the blame for the shortage to Google over the last week or so and now the LG representative has said that the shortage happened because the demand for the device is ten times more than Google Expected.

LG has said that they will be increasing the supply of the device from around mid February, as it takes around six weeks to increase the frequency of deliveries, so people will be able to buy the device from some time next month.

As soon as we get more information regarding the Google Nexus 4 stock in the UK & US, we will let you guys know.



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