Open-Air PC Case Unveiled!

Scythe have unveiled a new style PC Case that allows you see and touch the Hardware of your PC, making it perfect for hardware geeks and also for display for yourself and your envious friends.

The Sythe Open-Air PC case provides easy access and plenty of air for cooling to circulate around your systems hardware components, bringing a unique minimalist approach to PC case design.

The Open-Air PC Case have been designed for ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. It will accommodate large tower coolers – up to 190 mm.

The PC Case, is made of 5mm thick acrylic. It’s got all the separate areas you might need for your various drives.

All you need to do is pair this up with a cooling tower and you’ll have a system that not only be great to look at, but also quite handy if you like to fiddle with the PC’s Hardware.

When the Sythe Open-Air PC case starts shipping it will be available to purchase for around $85.

Source:[Fanless Tech][][Gizmodo]


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