‘Circle’ Printer Concept!

For something that we don’t use so frequently, the printer takes up a huge amount of desk space and also it’s noisy & it vibrates.  Designer Yang Jae Wook has created an innovative take on the humble printer, re-designing the traditional rectangular design in to something a little more rounded.

You take a look at ‘Circle’ and you won’t even realize that it’s a printer,  but looks more like humidifier or a Fancy Flower Pot.

The ‘Circle’ printer stores and prints paper in a totally unique way, using a vertical drum style design, with everything else inside the printer fairly traditional with respects printing technology, just encased in a more compact outer shell with a different orientation.

Unfortunately due to the printer being just a concept there are no details on pricing or worldwide availability, but you never know it might one day become a reality.

Source:[Yanko][Yanko Design]

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