PhoneSoap Charges Your Phone & Cleans It Too!

Have you ever wondered how dirty your phone is? Apparently your mobile phone or smartphone can carry a lot of bacteria, and now a Kickstarter project called PhoneSoap which was created by Wesley LaPorte and Dan Barnes aims to deal with the problem.

PhoneSoap is basically a case which you place your mobile phone or smartphone in at night, and as well as charging your device.  It also uses UV light to kill all the bacteria on your handset.

Have a Look at the Video Below to see how it Works:

PhoneSoap is a charger and sanitizer packaged in one neat, little box. It uses to UV-C light to kill any bacteria and viruses that might be living on your phone. The UV-C light is 99.9% effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and since it doesn’t generate any heat, it doesn’t put your phone at risk during its sanitizing cycle.

At the same time, it can charge up your device, since the box allows access to both a micro USB cord and Apple’s 30-pin USB cord.

The developers of PhoneSoap are trying to raise $18,000 to put it into production. PhoneSoap is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $39(USD) will get you your very own PhoneSoap.

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