Google’s Project Glass!

A Couple of Days Back, Google offered a preview of Project Glass, their search giant’s augmented reality glasses. The video below shows a possible reality of the glasses in action.

Many of You already know about or even use Google Goggles the app, and in theory, Project Glass is sort of the über Google Goggles. You don’t need to clumsily interact with your phone.

Your eyes and voice do the all the interaction, but in the other cases like making calls, sending texts, getting directions, responding to notifications, and so on, are very much like a smartphone you wear on your head.

The video below shows Google’s idea of how their augmented reality glasses will work, with a heads up display and running Google’s Android OS.

Also, we now know that the Glasses are definitely Real as Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin has been photographed wearing a project glass prototype.

The photo below was taken by Thomas Hawk, and as you can see it features Robert Scoble, who spoke to Sergey Brin about the glasses and he confirmed that he was wearing a prototype device.

According to Robert Scoble: ” He quickly told me it is a prototype. I saw a bluish light flashing off of his right eyeball. I could only guess that my Google+ profile flashed up, or maybe some PR voice said “stay quiet” or something like that.

But the glasses are real. Very light looking. Most of the people around us had no idea that these glasses are pretty special”

Now, Project Glass doesn’t actually sound like the best name for a product, and it would appear that Google may have another name planned for its augmented reality glasses.

According to the guys over at TechCrunch, Google has recently acquired a new domain name,, which could be the possible name that Google uses for their Project Glass when it actually hits the market.

There are no details on how far Google are into their development of these augmented reality glasses, we had heard rumors previously that they may launch this year, although we suspect we could be a few years away from these becoming an actual product.

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