Meet the $3,700 Android Smartphone from TAG Heuer!

Now, if a $2,400 smartphone just not isn’t expensive enough for you, TAG Heuer has came up with one that will sell for a mind-boggling $3,700 when it’s released. The company that usually makes luxury watches crafted a device that’s bit more high-tech than your ordinary wristwatch, using a race car-inspired design.

The TAG Heuer Racer’s body is made of carbon fiber lined with titanium and a special grade of rubber to make it shockproof. Other than the fact that the device runs Android with a special customizable 3D skin or user interface, very little is known about the device.

But for that kind of price, though, we can expect to see it running Ice Cream Sandwich and also running a super fast quad-core processor, as well as other top of the line features you can find in phones that cost a fraction of its price.

Now, If you want to spend almost four grand on a smartphone for god knows what reason, head over to the nearest TAG Heuer boutiques in July, and get yourself the  flashy new toy.



Source: [TAG Heuer][Tecca]

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