Watch The Future!

A new watch concept has been created by F.Bertrand called the “Watch The Future”, which has been designed to enable you to link to application on your smartphone. Enabling you to control and receive updates directly on your wrist.

The “Watch The Future” concept wrist watch can display the weather, your contacts, stock exchange information, SMS messages, Facebook updates, your GPS location and more. As well as keeping you update-to-date with the current time.

The orientation of icons adapts depending on the position of your wrist for easy reading in any position (bike, car, scooter). The innovative watch concept would keep the application you use most at easy access.

Other options that would be available to add to the watch include the possibility to track your pulse and even your emotions. It even enables you to keep track of your phone by ring it when you can’t quite remember where you put it.

Unfortunately due to the watch being just a concept we can’t expect it to arrive in stores soon. But we can expect the technology to start to making its way to wrist style devices over the coming years,  and allowing us to interact with our smartphone in new and exiting ways.


Source:  [Geeky-Gadgets][F.Bertrand]

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