Reasons NOT to buy the new iPad!

The New iPad or The iPad 3 is setting some kind of Sales Record like most things from Apple that they intend to do. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to buy one. Here the Top 6 Reasons that you don’t wanna buy the new iPad.

  1. You already have an iPad 2

This however din’t stop Apple from selling 3 million new ones in the first 3 days but one survey indicated that a lot of those folks din’t already have an iPad, they were new to the category. If you already have a iPad 2, it’s lighter, it’s thinner, it’s just as fast on Wi-fi.

So,the bottom line is that you really can’t do very much more with the new iPad than you can with the iPad 2, so save your money and just use an iPad 2.

2. The retina display is mostly marketing hype

Oh it’s twice the resolution but not necessarily twice the quality certainly not for video. You see just like doubling a camera’s mega-pixel doesn’t make your photos twice as good, just like that doubling screen resolution on this new iPad doesn’t make the video look that much better, in fact the improvement is from subtle to non-existent.

Icons and Text look a lot better but Video will be not like that time when you first got your new HDTV.

3.  Only One Port

Its still got only one main port doing a lot of things and one of those things is spending money on adapters such as USB, HDMI, SD Card, VGA. Those all require an adapter or two or three. More to Buy, More to Lose and Pay Again.

4. Price

The Price hasn’t gone up but it hasn’t gone down either. The iPad is already the most expensive tablet per Gb of storage on Cnet’s current list of the Five Best. Also, we all know that Apple tolerate’s no discounting and you may also find the case from your iPad 2 doesn’t fit your new iPad. Gotta buy another one there.

Also, speaking of price, wait until you get a-load of those 4G/LTE bills. Sure, you can stream 1080p Netflix over the 4G/LTE networks, but you do know you’re paying for your data, right?

5. It’s still not 16×9

Amazingly, the new iPad, with it’s oh-so-revolutionary retina display, still presents information in an obsolete 4×3 format. Virtually no TV, and no monitor (and certainly no movie) is presented in 4×3 format anymore. That stuff went out ages ago.

That means that if you want to use the super-sexy retina display to watch a 1080p movie, you’re either going to be forced to watch the movie in letterbox form, using the incredible capability of the retina display to display black bars — or you’ll have to crop off the sides of the movie to see the detail in full screen.

Either way, the 4×3 format of the iPad’s display is disturbingly misplaced.

6. iPad’s Basic limitations after all these years still exist.

Many of the iPad’s limitations still exist, even three revisions into what’s clearly a highly successful design. As much mainstream adoption of the iPad as there’s been, the device is still spectacularly limited in some important areas:

  • There’s still no USB port
  • You still have to use iTunes too often
  • There’s still no removable storage
  • Kindles are still much less expensive
  • You can still only run software approved by Apple
  • It still can’t be used as a standalone computer
  • Apple still won’t let you write or run programs that execute programs.
So, although the new iPad does open more doors for developers than ever before, it’s still very limited, both in terms of execution and in terms of Apple’s over protective Big Brother user policies.
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