Monster Aventum PC Range Unveiled!

If you are in the market for a new PC and are ready for all kinds of specifications. You might be interested in the new Aventum PC range which has been announced by Digital Storm this week.

Some of its Specifications include options to pack in dual six-core Xeon processors, 32GB of RAM, a trio of GTX 680s, and a 180GB SSD/1TB HDD.

All is combined in a chassis which is fitted with Aventum software that is capable of monitoring 5 thermal zones and controls 13 fans to keep your gear as cool as possible when pushing ti to its max.


“Designed by Digital Storm engineers from the inside out, Aventum’s chassis boasts a proprietary thermal exhaust chamber, intelligent 5 thermal zone regulation and exclusive Aventum software that controls 13 customizable fans to effectively dissipate performance inhibiting heat. Together with the Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system that chills liquid below 0ºC, Digital Storm has designed the industry’s first truly custom high-performance PC.”

Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development explains:

“Unlike any other chassis, Aventum’s intelligent design enables it to exceed the demands of the most power hungry enthusiasts, gamers and creative professionals,” – “We’ve spent months analyzing every conceivable way to effectively eliminate heat from Aventum and as a result, our engineers devised new systems that have never been attempted. Every integral component and every zone is constantly being monitored so our customers can ensure their dream machine is always delivering optimal performance.”

Here’s the detailed list of its specifications:


Source: [Digital Storm]

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