Features to expect in iPad 3!

The iPad. It’s still number one in tablets but way down from the 90% market share it once enjoyed. Clearly, Apple is not going to rule the tablet market like it did the MP3 player did. But what does it do to at least keep iPad at number one? Here are Top 5 things to expect in iPad 3.

Number 5 – Thinner, faster, longer

Here i’m referring to thinner size, faster CPU and longer battery life. Huge improvements on most or all of these is more or less expected.

Number 4 – Siri

Siri is the world’s best known digital parlor trick.It will finally come to the iPad partly because that it will now have the hotter CPU I just mentioned and that’s an important part of being able to get Siri to understand you and do her thing. Now Siri has huge extra value to Apple that really sets them apart from the voice command tech found on Android and In-Car.

Number 3 – Better Camera

Correction, a decent camera. It has always been shocking how bad the camera is on the iPad 2 especially since the one in the iPhone 4S is so good.

Number 2 – Better Display

Now the iPad 2 is currently 10.24 by 7.68 resolution and a 4.3 kinda square-ish aspect ratio. Both are kind of pedestrian by modern standard. So look for the resolution to climb to full HD but still remaining at 4:3 aspect ratio. You see, Apple has always believed the widescreen 16:9 display while good for movie viewing is weird for reading or browsing. Plus it would raise hell to all those iPad apps already written for 4:3 ratio.


Now, before we go to the Number One Feature, here’s a tantalizing rumor that doesn’t take the list. A smaller iPad. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple is shopping for a supplier of 8-inch LCD screen. But that’s either for one really big iPhone or a really small iMac or one very tasty Kindle killer. But there’s no indication such an iPad will arrive anywhere near the March 2012 date


Number 1 – 4G


Introducing a mobile wireless device today without 4G is like offering one with a small screen. Well, that describes the iPhone 4S and it seems to be spelling okay. But anyway, 4G is the kind of technology that almost makes more sense on a tablet than a phone since the tablet begs for more high res full screen data like streaming video. So consider this a virtual certainty. But of course, a wi-fi only version will also still be available.


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