Worst products of 2011!

Well of course we love lists. The Best, Most Popular, Hottest, all various parameters of the technology business we live, breathe and love. But, today’s list makes us wonder if we should go into different line of work. It’s the Top 5 Worst Rated Products of 2011, i mean we are talking crap.

Number 5 – Bigstream








The idea is good on this guy. Wireless Transmission on the audio and video from your apple device to your home entertainment rig. That’s great if you are ok with interference, discoloration, static and nothing better than a composite video connection. Oh, and the dongle that plugs into your apple device to make all this work is likely larger than your apple device.

Number 4 – Acer Aspire  X1920-UR20P










The only good thing about this Aspire is that it has unobtrusive case design. not of to a roaring start there. Beyond that, it’s poorly configured with little to recommend it.

Number 3 – Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers

These are speakers that connect to your mobile gaming device which would seem to make it a lot less mobile, right? Well, that’s creepily rectified when you hear them, hate them, unplug them and go back to your ear buds. But, i did like the fact that these tuck nicely into the included travel case which makes them easier to share them to the winning bidder on e-bay.

Number 2 – Coby Kyros

Now, we are in the tablets and no category has more surprises in 2011 than this. The Coby Kyros is an android tablet that we have to give some props for its low and odd price of $246.99 as well for its HDMI output, micro SD card slot and camera but you won’t enjoy using any of that as the screen is awful, touch response is like fist response and whole thing is bulky and there is no flash support. Guys, that’s the part of iPad you don’t wanna emulate.  Fortunately, battery life is lousy too so you won’t suffer this piece of garbage for long.

Number 1 – Maylong Universe M-150 Tablet

This product without a doubt is the worst product of 2011. Screen is worst, battery life short, interface infuriating, PC connection not really, Boot Time slow, Android market No. The Maylong M-150 is about the cheapest 7′ Android tablet there is .

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