Tech Rivals: When the Mocking goes Public!

Whether it’s Apple versus Samsung, or the infamous Mac versus PC debate, let’s see the feuds which have spilled out into the public domain with our favourite tech rival mocking videos.  Here I’ve assembled some of my favourite tech adverts by companies with scores to settle.


  • Mitchell and Webb’s I’m a Mac and I’m a PC

Macs are cool and creative, PCs are for squares, yeah? That’s the message Apple were going for with this string of ads featuring Peep Show duo Mitchell and Webb as anthropomorphised PCs and Macs, respectively.


  • Battlefield 3 Above and Beyond the Call

Explosions! Guns! Dust! So what if Battlefield 3’s launch trailer follows the same bish-bash-bosh formula that the Modern Warfare series does; the claws-out moment in this series of adverts comes in the closing seconds, when we get a flash of the tagline “Above and Beyond the Call”. With Battlefield 3 disappearing in Modern Warfare’s sales shadow, however, we don’t reckon Infinity Ward will lose too much sleep over this.

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