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You know its funny, the release of iPhone 4S had a lot of different reactions from everybody. Well now when we are through that, we can towards what the iPhone 4S immediately makes us think of. What we want in the iPhone 5.  Here are the Top 5 things in that category leaving out the silly stuff like removable battery, expandable storage or flash support. The Stuff apple’s never gonna do. They are ranked as to how likely it is we will get each feature. Here we go.

Number 5 – Near Field Communications (NFC)









This is that swipe to pay with your phone technology that all the banks and merchants and payment networks are cranking up in 2012. And which most consumers think is some kind of voodoo that will cyphen there bank accounts, expose there ID’s or both. That not withstanding it’s pretty likely that Apple’s gonna build NFC into the 5 because they have a big stake in the payment space due to iTunes. Chances here i guess about 40%.

Number 4 – Better Battery Life








The iPhone 4S pretty much did all a lateral on this one. Though now, apple’s really on the hook to make the iPhone 5 go longer on a charge specially since the Macbook air and the iPad have really amazing battery life. So, this makes the iPhone the only Apple product that doesn’t have a standout battery storage in itself. New CPU’s and GPU’s we expect in iPhone 5 are gonna help out here. The Chances on this one about 50-50.

Number 3 – Bigger Screen








The Long standing 3.5″  iPhone display is just plain boring these days. You really feel like watching a video or if you use the phone as a navigation device, yet we still rank bigger screen at maybe 50% likelihood because of the battery hit that bigger display might need and the fact that the same users who want a bigger screen also say they don’t want a bigger phone. That can be Tough.

Number 2 – 4G





If the iPhone 5 doesn’t have 4G, then i guess officially Apple’s golden era will be dead. You see, 4G phones in networks are little green right now, But by the time iPhone 5 comes out, 4G phones are gonna be hit and the 3G phones are gonna be moving fast into the bargain category. Also, 4G bandwidth is gonna do wonders for iCloud which might work nicely with an expansion of that service to finally work with video for the first time. The Chances here i guess a solid 80%.


Before we get to Number 1, remember another reason for a lot of the anticipation and built up around the iPhone 5 or the reports that it was the last product Steve Jobs really focused on. Reportedly, allocating the limited time he know he had left in this product. It makes sense, its far and away Apple’s biggest thing in there entire line up and therefore maybe the last physical evidence we ever will get of Jobs Vision.


Number 1 – New Design 






Now, we don’t know what the new look might be; thinner or more sculpted, wider, longer, curvier who knows. But we know this in the handheld phone space, you have to change up your design once in a while to keep the coals burning in the hype machine.







So consider the patterns we have seen that suggest backside multi-touch is coming. Its a technology where you can control your screen from behind the device or perhaps we will get a completely button-free phone.

So, both of those ideas will create a spacious screen experience. Whatever it is a new design is 99% likely.

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