Apple’s biggest flops!

Apple’s had so many hits the last 15 years or so, it really seems petty, cheap & small to run down there duds. But boy, is it Fun! Ranking these is real subjective so, i went the way you would, let’s rank them by how much you can get for them on  e-bay. Here we go.

Number 5 – Newton OS Message Pads







This is gonna raise hackles since decendents iPhone and iPad are now Apple’s biggest business. But Apple made like 6 Models of the Message Pads and Motorola made some and then Sharp took a little Wack at them. Nobody could get it right. It was just a slow motion disaster. Price wise these dun’t fetch a lot 30$-50$ per one on E-bay.

Number 4 – Mac G4 Cube















We never seen a Computer like this. And it’s short-timing production keeps it that way. This Silent, Fan less monolith with  a Toaster Slot on top for CD’s was real different.  It was also pricey. It was around 200 bucks more than a conventional shaped Mac that had similar performance. Oh, and the cases often cracked which is really annoying on a machine which you paid top dollar for its looks. They made around 150,000 of these, so they aren’t real hard to find on e-bay and they seem to fetch around 100$-200$.

Number 3 – Pippin









It was produced with Bandai of Japan and it rolled around 1996 as a game console with a light version of system 7 on it as  its OS. It was gutless. It had damn near nothing to run on it in terms of titles and the price was like 600$ and around 42000 or so were made. E-bay prices top on around 400$ or so for a very clean unit.

Number 2 – 20th  Anniversary Mac









It was one of the first things Steve Jobs Killed when he came to the company and i suspect he did it without much thinking because this thing is so not him; like all crap labelled “executive”, its full of form over function. For 7500$ over 10,000$ in today’s money you’ll get an all in one design (okay kinda cool) with an small 12″ display and beyond that not much interesting. The 20th Anniversary Mac launched in 1997, Apple’s 21st Year. That said you seem to able to get about 700$ for a good, complete one on e-bay.


Other  Awful Products

Before get to the number 1 Apple flop, let’s consider one so awful and so unimportant that it doesn’t deserve a spot on the list.

It was the damn round USB puck mouse from the original iMac. Totally round so you never knew which way to point it, size so small, and just ugly with that bad 90’s semi translucent plastic with color accents. This thing was a mess. You can find a basket of 20 of them on e-bay for 35$. Overpriced.


Number 1 – Macintosh TV








This was the first Black Mac. It was basically a Mac Performer that had a Sony Trinitron Television bolted to it and a cable tuner inside. You could use it as a computer or switch to watching TV, but you couldn’t watch TV in a window or anything cool like that. It made mockery of the word Integration. About 10,000 were made and them on e-bay for around 800$.

Now, for the brighter side of Life, Do read my Steve Jobs Greatest Hits.



















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