Steve Jobs Greatest Hits!

Not all Tech CEO’s are known to be huge music fans, but we all knew one in Cupertino who was. Here are the Top 5 Steve Jobs Greatest Hits. The Top Moneymakers from his 2nd tenure at Apple basically the iEra.

Let’s see the best see the best products for making that company the most valuable in the world.

Number 5 – iPod

The Bottom one on the list is where u’ll  now find the Steve Jobs  critical foray outside of computers. But it was the device that made apple march towards where it’s today. A maker of an array of digital living products. Remember the company dropped the name computer’s from its name eniterly in januray 07. But the iPod is now apple’s only declining business. Down about 6%, the most recent report and about half of those sales are iPod Touch.

Number 4 – iTunes

Now, this lower ranking might surprise a lot of folks, iTunes for media and apps looms totally large in our digital culture and it’s one of truly unique innovation of the Job’s iEra.  Sales are like the iPod, maybe around 5-6% of the apple’s revenues and until recently iTunes was basically a break even business. Now, unlike the iPod, iTunes is a growing business and here’s a hint why. iTunes sold 10 billion apps in less than half the time it took to sell that many songs.

Number 3 – Mac 

MacBook’s, iMac’s and Pro’s. Now we are getting into apple’s real money something like 18-20% of apple’s business and growing at about 23% over the last year. Jobs has to be specially proud of this category because it where apple was always ridiculed as a niche player back in the days when it just hit computers.  Today OS X 10 has about 15% market share in the US. Switzerland by the way, number 1 Mac OS country. By the Way, Apple has around 90% market shares of computers priced over a 1000$. Nice Territory.

Number 2 – iPad

Apple’s biggest growing product by far, something like 300% growth in the last year and it’ll go down in history as the Jobs last product as the boss of Apple.  It’s about 21% of apple’s business today and even with dozens of competitors, it’ll have over 60% of the market through 2011. When consumers were asked which tablets they are considering, 95% said iPad.

Biggest Hit from Apple you can’t Buy

Now, before we go to the number 1, here’s a huge hit from Apple you can’t buy, there Stores. Apple now has around 310 of them around the globe and they turn out the highest revenue per square foot in the entire retail chain business. It’s something like 7 times the dollar per square foot of a Best Buy Store.

Number 1 – iPhone

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

The iPhone is nearly half the business at Apple and combine that with the iPad and those two are basically the company.  But with that in mind, you can see why the battle with android is likely the one Jobs is most disappointed with.  Android Phones now have 41% market share compared to Apple 27% and is now growing its share some 3 times faster.  But in terms of dollar, nobody makes as much money on a single phone model as much as Apple.

So, those were Steve Jobs Greatest Hits. Darn Impressive Album right! Nobody’s Perfect , there’s always a few flops out there. Read my other article Apple’s biggest Flops.

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