Top 5 reasons Android is better than iPhone!







I know it sounds comparing an OS to a product line but you get it. We are going to compare the Universe’s here. The OS, devices, Apps, and carriers between the two hottest smartphone platforms in the world. Here we go:

Number 5



Android is Open Source. It Means the folks behind it don’t care if you hack the phone you paid for it and they don’t play games trying to outsmart the way you did it, instead they have lives. And the android marketplace that’s pretty much the queen of apps. They welcome one and all wide open listings. And also add in the alternate android market and it all adds up to app-timocracy.

Number 4

Android does Real Multitasking.
 Yes iOS does “multitasking” now. But not to the true degree android does. Apps there are free to do their thing like programs on your personal Computer.

Number 3

Adobe Flash. Android phones support it. Apple Don’t and won’t. It means your android phone can hit the web all of it and with a browser not a custom app for each website you want to run well on your phone. Website Apps aren’t always cool innovation sometimes they are just baggage. And with android u don’t have to use them.

Number 2

Handsets. There is something like 200 android phones and counting. Apple has 3. Simplicity has worked well for them but then again there is that choice thing. Android has choice of features through all those handsets. Features you want, Features you don’t. Choice of a real keyboard or a just pretend one on the screen, Choice of a device with removable battery, memory expansion slot. You get the idea. As we see everyone adopting smartphones, can 3 really fit all.


Before we go to the number 1, let’s see some numbers. Android’s on fire. Globally, Android’s shipment are up 1300% in a year to 20 million worldwide. And Now, Android even has over taken Apple in terms of app downloads in the second quarter of 2011.

Number 1


Android phones have a bunch of carriers. IPhone is on at&t and they added sprint this year. And even you are one of the six people who have never heard of the constant complain about at&t’s network, you still might not want to move to it. Maybe you just like your carrier. Well, they have a good android phone waiting for you.

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  1. This is a actually good learn for me, Must admit that you are among the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  2. I agree with this article i was a iPhone user before and lot of my friends telling me about the phone Samsung Galaxy S3. I read some articles and some testing of those to phone an finally decide to change my iPhone to and Samsung S3 an Android Phone and with no doubt i more enjoy using my new phone today. An i have plan rooting my android phone and just waiting for this to lunched their rooting software called One Click Root.

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