Top 5 gaming laptops you should get!

All the excitement these days may be centered around supersmall laptops, from ultraportable to ultrathin to ultrabook, but there’s still a place for PCs on the opposite end of the spectrum. So the niche of gaming laptops was born— and is taking off.

Today i’m not going to bury you in stats of all the laptops in this list , but going to show you why you should get one.

Razer Blade

One thing is Sure, the Razer Blade is not “the world’s first true gaming laptop”. There are loads of them, but whether or not it can compete with the others on this list remains to be seen. But it does look awesome.

It has a 2.8GHz processor, the latest (for now) Nvidia GPU and a rather crisp full-HD screen. No less than ten adaptive keys and an OLED panel which doubles as a second display or a touchpad.

Lenovo Y650

The cheapest of the bunch, the Lenovo Y650 is a desktop replacement for your office or home PC, plain and simple — but also has specs that work well for gamers. For a laptop this powerful to be so inexpensive (when compared to the other laptops of this section) is a bargain in itself. JBL speakers deliver Dolby surround sound from a laptop of all places. The sound is crystal clear, with only the sub-HD screen letting it down in the media department. The Y650 is shockingly powerful, future-proofing gaming needs for a good year or so.

Alienware M18x

Now this could very well be the first true gaming laptop. Alienware’s products began as insanely powerful and ridiculously priced desktop computers, eventually branching out to include its current range of laptop offerings. The M18x is the most powerful Alienware laptop with a frankly huge keyboard which includes “mood lighting”. Games run like anything and Blu-ray movies looks like were made for the M18x’s crisp screen. One flaw: this portable powerhouse requires a brick-sized power adaptor constantly connected to it. If you can look past this one energy gorging (and portability) issue, which most of the most powerful gaming laptops seems to share, then the Alienware M18x becomes a must-have item at roughly US$2000.

Battalion 101 x8100

It’s sick to think about the amount of power housed inside some of these laptops. The Battalion is the last word in gaming laptops and has been built for pure speed, damn the aesthetics. We can rattle off statistics such as 640GB hard drives, a quad-core i7 processor and a two Radeon HD Crossfire graphics cards. Or we can talk directly to the gamer and say that titles such as Crysis 2 run at maximum resolution without dropping any frames. Interested? For US$2400 it can power your gaming experience.

Origin EON17-S

The real advantage Origin brings is its capability to offer not only overclocked CPUs, but also overclocked GPUs.There’s nothing extraordinary about the CPU used in this system. The Intel Core i7-2920XM Extreme Edition isn’t different from what you’d find in any high-performance laptop. What’s different is that Origin overclocks the Sandy Bridge proc from its stock 2.5GHz to 4.7GHz. That’s quite a boost. If you dream of the performance boost you can only get by overclocking but are afraid of a DIYapproach, Origin’s laptop provides an excellent solution.

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