5 Must Have Extensions for Your Browsers!

About a year ago, Google Chrome threw a wrench into the Internet browser wars, giving Internet users a powerful choice aside from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.  So, I’m going to recommend to you 5 must haves extensions for Chrome & Firefox as i have used both of them and with no surprise using Chrome.

Google Chrome


This is an excellent extension by Michael Gundlach that blocks all advertisements on all types of web pages. All that a user has to do is to download and install this extension and when they visit any website, they can see advertisement free web pages. This extension is absolutely free and currently is been used by more than two million users, making it the most popular chrome extension

The extension has also been translated in many languages so far. The AdBlock extension is not related to the new ‘AdBlock plus for Google Chrome’ extension, but is inspired by the FireFox AdBlock extension.

FB Photo Zoom

Since there is no doubt that almost everyone on web has a Facebook account, the FB Photo Zoom extension (by Regis Gaughan) is an excellent choice for those who live their life viewing Facebook photos. The extension was previously known as Facebook Photo Zoom, but became FB Photo Zoom.

The FB Photo Zoom extension is used to zoom Facebook photographs thus enhancing the user’s photo viewing experience. The extension is light weight yet powerful and has garnered positive ratings so far and an impressive download number (875,450 users).

Mail Checker Plus For Google Mail

This extension was previously known as Google Mail Checker Plus and is used to display the number of unread and new mails in your Gmail inbox and also in Google Apps inbox. Other features of this extension include – mail preview option without leaving the current tab, feature to delete mail, mark as spam and archive the mail, sound notification for new mails, desktop notification for new mails etc.

The Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail extension is translated to more than 60 international languages. Currently more than 413,540 users have downloaded this extension.


The Web of Trust extension or WOT is a free search tool that lets its users know in advance which all sites are safer and secure. This extension works primarily through collaboration from other users, who rate different websites based on their personal experience.

Thus a user can easily get to know whether a particular site is safe for surfing or for online shopping(users will know in advance if a website is known to cheat its customers), for searching on the web and whether it delivers malware or sends spams or not.

Apart from Google this extension also covers Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, Facebook, Twitter etc. And apart from Chrome, WOT is also available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Click & Clean

With more than 165,921 users, the Click & Clean extension is popular because it deletes the browsing history for the user, the typed urls, flash cookies and all online activities performed by the user for protecting the user’s privacy.

This extension performs the following functionalities – scans PC for malware, deletes browsing history, removes all download history, erases the temporary files, empties cache, cleans hard drives (thus you get more free disk space) and removes cookies, flash cookies etc. The Click & Clean extension can be used to watch flash videos offline without getting connected to net.

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